This is Mason Inn

Sometimes affectionately referred to as “Glover Park’s cathedral of college football” by our regulars, Mason Inn is unlike any other DC sports bar or live music venue. Here you won’t find any cheesy neon signs, or random autographed jerseys strewn around the bar. What you will find is fresh faced college grads having a few cocktails, passionately rooting on their alma maters, and very frequently taking things up a notch on the dance floor. Although only open since August of 2011, Mason Inn has the feel of a rugged bar that’s been your go-to for years. A fifty-five foot long solid oak bar lines one side, and is surrounded by wood benches, high-tops, brick walls, a stage and dance floor. To ensure the ultimate game watching experience, Mason Inn features over a dozen big screen tvs and a 100″ projection screen. Morris, our giant water buffalo mascot, keeps a watchful eye on the dance floor from his perch high above the bar.

Saturdays and Sundays are your classic “fun days”, in which posting up in a booth for hours on end, doing work on BBQ, shots, and pitchers is the norm. In the fall, it’s SEC action on Saturdays and Ravens and Falcons on Sundays. Don’t worry, we have all the packages so all the college and NFL games will be on throughout the bar, too. After football season, you’ll get a heavy dose of college basketball and hockey, and come springtime, Mason Inn is the only lacrosse bar in DC where lax rats gather to let their lettuce down.

On Thursday through Saturday nights things get serious. Thursday Night is Mug Night, for which regulars bring in their Mason Inn Mugs for $2.50 Bud Light refills all night. Once the sun goes down on Friday and Saturday, expect the music to be turned up and tables removed so people can viciously attack the dance floor. You’ll often find live country or rock bands playing on our stage early in the night, always followed by a DJ late night. To help you sweat off that spicy BBQ, the Inn has a DJ every Thursday-Saturday night and a 2nd smaller bar opens late at night to ensure your pickle back shot can be served quickly.

The Inn is available for private events, game watches, alumni happy hours, fundraisers, and birthday parties seven days a week. E-mail for more information.