Owner Bios

Fritz Brogan cut his teeth in the bar business during college, bartending at Third Edition and busing fellow Georgetown students from Harbin Hall to LuLu’s Club Mardi Gras. In August 2011, he hit his head and had a vision of closing Gin & Tonic and replacing it with a long bar, TVs, a fake fireplace, and one picture of the Flora-Bama. Fritz is a 2007 graduate of Georgetown University, a 2010 graduate of Georgetown Law, co-owner of George and a lover of all things Florida. He hopes that one day he will achieve notoriety similar to that which he enjoyed while operating the dingy basement of the Guards as a list-only speakeasy from 2007-2008. Contact: fritz@masoninndc.com



Hunter Campbell is a DC native and a 2002 graduate of the Landon School for boys, where he led the third middie line in 2002 for Coach Rob Bordley. He spent four years after graduating from Hobart in a quest to find himself, working for organizations ranging from GVA Advantis to the Dallas Cowboys. In 2009 he decided to pay tribute to his expansive rolodex by opening George and unleashing his marketing fury on everyone who lives within 1.5 miles of his establishments. He is outvoted 2 to 1 in weekly meetings on his plan to turn Mason Inn into a restaurant that serves nothing but his untested fried chicken recipe and Natural Light. Contact: hunter@masoninndc.com




Reed Landry spent his formative years on the other side of the river at athletic powerhouse Potomac School. Upon graduating, he took the road less traveled and his singlet down to the University of Virginia. He spent his 20’s cultivating close relationships with local journalists and organic farmers in order to prepare for a career in cuisine and fine dining. Reed is a founder of LNS, co-owner of George, a connoisseur of warm rail gin and was once wrongfully accused by Politico of being a boy next door party animal.  Contact: reed@masoninndc.com